The Face Sculptor

R400.00 R370.00

The Face Sculptor is unique in that it has two rose quartz rollers that provide targeted contouring to lift and tighten the deeper tissue and muscles under your skin.

The deep massage also improves circulation and delivers fresh oxygenated blood to boost collagen, strengthen elastin, drain toxins and reduce puffiness to promote an overall glow. Think of it as a gym workout for your face. 

It really is the perfect tool for a self-care regime that will tighten your facial muscles, revive your complexion, improve your mood and leave you glowing.


On freshly cleansed skin apply a facial oil or serum and gently massage along the contours of your face for 10 minutes.

Start from the base of your neck and gently roll towards the chin.

From the chin, roll up and out along the cheek and jawline on either side.Use daily for firmer skin and a radiant glow.

Roll gently outward and around the eye area.

Start at the brows and roll up towards the hairline.

R400.00 R370.00