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Can you overwash your face?

If your skin feels squeaky-clean , tight, itchy or sensitive your cleanser is either too strong for your skin or you're over cleansing.

If your skin feels squeaky-clean or has any dryness after washing, it's a strong indication you've gone overboard with a harsh cleanser or scrub. Tight, itchy, or sensitive skin may indicate your cleanser is too strong for your skin

Whilst it's important to get rid of makeup, pollutants and dead skin cells, it’s even more important to leave behind enough natural sebum for your skin to stay healthy and keep doing its job.

Typical cleansers contain harsh chemicals and preservatives that break or strip the protective barrier of natural sebum, which leads to that tight, dry feeling. Over time it can result in inflammation, dry skin, or create oily skin problems and acne as your skin tries to over compensate for the loss of natural sebum.

Look for a gentle, creamy oil based formula as these ingredients purify by binding with dirt and makeup but leave behind the all important natural sebum that your skin needs to stay healthy!

Another tip is to try washing only in the evening to remove your makeup and simply splashing your face with water in the mornings. The benefit of a water rinse is that your skin won't dry out and this can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. There isn't really a need to rewash your face in the morning as there isn't anything to remove such as makeup or sunscreen, plus the natural oil our bodies produce is good for our skin and provides a first defense barrier for the external factors of the day. Just be sure to follow with serum, moisturiser and a good SPF.