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What is Face Rolling

Facial rollers seem to be everywhere these days but do you know what they're all about if and if you are ready to give it a try, or even already using one, do you know what features and benefits you should you be looking for?

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It s never too early to age elegantly

It's never too early to age elegantly

Unfortunately after the age of 20, the collagen produced in the dermis layer reduces by one percent, EVERY year! But you can disrupt the natural ageing process by treating the individual layers with targeted skincare.

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Should I avoid parabens and sulphates?

Sulphates and parabens have acquired a bad reputation over the years due to being carcinogenic. Thye are known to disrupt hormone function, an effect that is linked to increased risk of breast cancer and reproductive toxicity. But what exactly are Parabens and Sulphates and should you avoid all of them?

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Can you overwash your face glow skinlab blog

Can you overwash your face?

If your skin feels squeaky-clean , tight, itchy or sensitive your cleanser is either too strong for your skin or you're over cleansing.

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Reduce reuse recycle glow skinlab blog

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

We're not just passionate about your skin. We're passionate about the environment too. It's why we use glass bottles to reduce our impact on the environment and why we don't have external cartons to avoid unnecessary excess packaging and reduce waste.

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Glow skinlab blog why you need skincare routine

Why you need a Skincare Routine

An effective routine can help treat wrinkles, prevent acne and help keep your skin glowing!

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