How did it all start?

A journey to find luxury skincare with clean, high quality ingredients that would nourish and repair her ageing skin, while remaining kind to the environment and her pocket, lead entrepreneur and founder Nicole Griffiths to create Glow SkinLab.

Months of research went into sourcing the purest ingredients that were selected for their ability to nourish, protect and renew.

Every product is crammed with antioxidants, vitamins and essential fatty acids that any skin type of any age will love.

All the products come in recyclable glass containers to reduce waste and impact on the environment. Individual product boxing is another unnecessary contribution to waste that has been eliminated in order to be more sustainable. Each order is carefully packed using eco-friendly, recyclable materials.

Our mission is to provide luxurious artisan skincare, without the hefty price tag. Always lovingly produced in small batches to preserve the powerful botanical ingredients.

When Nicole isn't advising customers on their skin concerns, researching ingredients to address ageing skin or coming up with business ideas, you'll find her relaxing in the family home with her husband, two daughters, and rescue pets: two cats and a dog.